The Writers Voice: ‘I write to fulfill my unfulfilled desires’

Good morning and welcome to The Ebook Review, the blog that hopes to empower new e-book writers and to recruit aspiring authors. Your name is Tina, but you’re known as what on Wattpad? I am known as Athela Perk, But yes, my name is Tina. Well you’re always welcome to The E-book Review Tina. You’re…

The Writers Voice: The author of ‘Delicately’ Speaks up

Find out what this prose-poetry author has to say about her book and her writing experience.

“I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was still in primary school. I started writing short stories when I was ten years old.”

Book Lab: To New York’s Attorney Chapter one

Lawrence Harrington was dead and Manhattan knew this. Newspapers would have the headlines by morning; reporters and writers and photographers were at the scene barking questions at anyone behind the police tapes, each eager to cover the story as it unfolded. Pedestrians with busy fingers tweeted and posted. Rumors surged like wildfires. To New York’s…

E-Book Review: Hades

As a reader, three elements drew me into this Greek Mythology novel. The first would be the cover, the second being the amount of readers engaging in the book-I mean this is a book with 39.7k readers sticking up to date with the serially updated e-book- and the third element that had me hooked would…

Writing Resources: Part two

Social media, our daily pill. We wake up to it, we fall asleep to it. But how can it help in writing exactly? Easy, the community. It’s easy to slip into isolation when writing, but with these few social media apps, and tips on how to use them, you’ll become a social writer in no…


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