The Bad Boy I was Dating: Experience To Writing

As a writer, we long to create realistic yet swoon worthy characters to sweep the reader off their feet and have their fingers itching to turn the page. What better way to create a realistic character that building one from past relationships, building on your last boyfriend or best friend. Writing requires an ever increasing…

Inspiration: The flickering bulb in writing

It’s one thing to have a plan. It’s another to execute it. And it’s a completely different story when keeping to the tight schedule of a plan; this could be the next book you’re writing, or the blog you’re managing. As a writer inspiration is everything. It’s well known to flicker like an aged light…

Writing Resources

Let’s talk resources to get you writing!

I’m going to be dishing out juicy sites and apps to kick-start your writing career!

Kobo E-books

Find your next EBook We’re talking e-books and audio books at great discounts prices! We’re talking below $10 and even Free! I can’t actually remember what year I found Kobo, I suppose the reader in me was determined to get my hands on anything great to read. I hope I’m not alone in that desire?…

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