E-book Review: Blackbird: A Warrior of the No-When

It has been quite a while since this segment has aired and today, we’re delving into the book Blackbird: A Warrior of the No-When. And with us is the author of this amazing read, Martin Schiller.


What inspired you to write this book?

I had always toyed with the idea of writing a period piece, and the notion of combining this with time travel and alternate universes was simply too exciting not to take the idea and run with it.

Can you tell me about the book?

The dust jacket tells it the best;

“In the 3rd Universe, the Union Jack flies proudly over the entire continent of North America. England is the greatest power in the world.

But another force rules over the Crown. It is a mysterious group called the Masters. And their sinister servants, the Bookmen, enforce their laws against advanced technology.

The fires of dissent have not been extinguished however; the Free Radicals study scientific advances in secret and Penelope Victoria Steele has joined their rebellion. The beautiful and educated daughter of the Provincial Governor of Northwestin-Cascadia, she risks her very life to uncover forbidden knowledge, for to defy the Masters means death.

What she does not realize is that her world is not what it seems to be. Nor is time and space.”

What do you think happened to the characters after the book ended?

They went on to have further adventures in “Blackbird: A Green and Pleasant England” (Book 2), then “Blackbird: White Tiger of the West” (Book 3), and finally “Blackbird: Excalibur” (Book 4).

Is being a writer a gift or a curse?

A little of both; when inspiration knocks, it can be very demanding, and once I answer and let it in, it won’t leave the room unless what it has to tell me has been put to paper.

What did you learn while writing it?

For one, a wider appreciation of the sheer beauty of the English language, and also a greater insight into the difference between the modern perception of reality versus that of a person from another age.


Thanks so much for your time Martin, it was really nice having you on this segment today, and we hope to see you back here for any other e-book you happen to release after this one.

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