Writing, a process: Title Selection

You have the perfect manuscript, a well-crafted plot, with dynamic characters that stand out and practically grab your reader’s by the collar, pulling them in… Your book should be the first one on the shelf they pick up… right? Easy enough it should, but I can assure you, if your title falls flat, it’s going to be unfortunately overlooked.

In this growing age, with stories bubbling in nearly everybody, titles are popping out in every genre. Now faced with this problem, the question is, how to select a title that stands out and lures your audience into picking it off the shelf.

From writing, first beginning on an online community of writers, I have learned that there is more to selecting a title than just… selecting a title.

Think about it like this, you have drafted a 50k word novel, maybe more depending on the genre, and you are now tasked with finding a series of words, at most six words to depict every plot and subplot, every theme and character.

Not so easy, now is it? 

But it goes deeper. With publishers releasing books every week or so, new authors taking over the marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, and a catchy unique title is one of the ways not to get swirled in with the other authors.

When picking a title I advise put a little or a lot of research into it, because titling a novel, publishing it and finding out that there was another book with that exact title that’s marketing better isn’t going to help sales. Sure once in a while books have the same title, they’re not always talking about the same thing, but, be unique, try and prevent  an event like this.

Before concluding this article, I would like to add that when selecting a title keep it simple, catchy and unique, something that sounds original and sticks in peoples heads.

And with that, I would conclude this article. Did you find it helpful? Drop a like. Have questions, drop a comment and don’t forget to share.


How do you write your book with a preplanned title or do you pick the title last minute?

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