The Writer’s Voice: When It All Falls Down

When It All Falls Down (1)

“Have hope and keep going…”, what author Jalyna Rose has to say about Stillbirth and Miscarriages, it’s all right here, right now, exclusively on The E-book Review.

It is yet again another segment of The Writer’s Voice on The E-book Review, an article where our very own featured authors talk on their books!

Today, we have with us, the author of the book When It All Falls Down. We’re welcoming Jalyna Rose to our E-book Review family. And she’s going to tell us all about her book.

When It All Falls Down is a heart-wrenching drama that centers around stillbirth, the struggles of adoption, and the journey of motherhood. Katherine Thork’s life is turned upside down when she gives birth to a stillborn baby boy. The loss takes a toll on her marriage and she finds herself alone. Suffocated by her grief, she searches for meaning within her sorrow. When she meets an eight year old foster child, struggling to find the love of a family, Katherine is thrust into a difficult situation. One that compels her to fight the legal system in order to adopt him.

Writing under the pen name, Jalyna Rose, (Jessica Taylor), was born January 29, 1993, having dreamt of being an author since the age of eight, Jalyna worked hard as a freelance writer and ghostwriter. Over the last four years, she has become proficient in article, blog, and novel writing. Jalyna lives on a small farm in Texas with her father, brother, two dogs, and three goats.

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That’s interesting. Now, Jalyna Rose, we at The E-book Review have questions for you, one of which is as a writer, what would you choose as your mascot, avatar, spirit animal?

Doves are said to be a sign of peace, new beginnings, faith, love and hope. So I would have to say that dove would fit my personality, because I’m always encouraging people and inspiring them to find these things in their life.

What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters?

My characters are not based on one person, they are created from many characteristics of different people. My hope is that my story will help the reader in some way. Whether that is to, inspire, give hope, teach, or just entertain.

My goal with this story was to remind readers that when it all falls down in life, sometimes that can be a blessing. And to those who have gone through, or going through a miscarriage or stillbirth, or maybe are struggling to start a family, I want them to have hope, to keep going, to know that it’s okay to talk about those issues.

How many unpublished or half-finished books do you have?

Too many. I have a flash drive full of story outlines, half finished books, and ideas that will never go anywhere. I have a closet of notebooks full of short stories and things I’ve written ages ago. It took me about fifteen years to get good enough, to feel confident enough to say, this is what I want the world to read. This is what I want to be associated with, this is the one.

What does literary success look like to you?

Most people think success is when your book sells a million copies, becomes a movie, and you become famous, those things are great, but I think real success is when someone picks up your book, reads it, and is forever changed by it. When your book makes an impact on someone, that’s real success.

What’s the best way to market your books?

Promotions, I think a book does well when readers are openly discussing it. When a book touches them in a way that makes them want to share it with others. So if someone promotes my book, then it means that I have succeeded in that goal.

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

The kind of research I do depends on what kind of book I’m writing. For When It All Falls Down, I had to do tremendous research. I probably put in about twelve and a half hours worth of research. There were several scenes where I had to look up medical terminology and legal terminology, the adoption process, the mission volunteer work, and so many other things that were essential to the story. The bulk of my research was done online through trusted sources. Of course, I always fact check for accuracy.

                 Chapter One

My blood curdling screams intensified in volumes. My insides ripping apart with each breath I took. Sweat poured from my forehead. I squeezed Bryant’s hand, panting heavily, the weary nurse looked up at me. “You’re doing great, Katherine, just one more push,” She said. I wanted to smash her face in. I gave the last push everything I had.

Congratulations, Mrs. Thork, you have a beautiful baby boy,” she announced with glee.

I did my best to sneak a peek at him, but the nurse shielded him away from me.

What’s wrong?” I asked.

Get the Doctor in here now, we have a code blue,” ordered the nurse.

My heart skipped a beat. I felt shaky. My mind went racing. Everything was happening too quickly for my drug induced mind to comprehend.

What’s going on? What’s code blue?” I questioned.

Everything is going to be okay, Mrs. Thork, we just need to get you wheeled down to the ICU.” Informed the assistant nurse.

Where are you taking my baby?”

The bed started moving at a rapid pace down the narrow hallways.

Answer me, damn it, what’s going on?” I cried.

The nurse kept her focus on avoiding obstacles. Going down in the elevator, it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard my baby cry.

I glanced at Bryant, my husband. He was still beside me, though his face was contorted with a crude and dull solemness. The bed crashed through the double doors of the ICU, it slid into a space between two thin blue curtains. The nurse locked the bed’s wheels into place and pushed past my husband to scurry away before I could ask her questions.

Tears begin to stream down my face. “Why won’t they tell me anything?” I whined mostly to myself. Bryant took my hand in his. He started to mouth a prayer. In that moment we were trapped in a hellish torture. Waiting and waiting, seeing that white faced clock above us tick on and on, neither one of us not knowing anything.

Finally, Doctor Levitt came in. His deep blue eyes were laced with pity. He stood before us sweating, shoulders slumped, his expression worn; he didn’t have to say a word. We all knew the thing that no one wanted to speak and no parent should have to hear. Still, it had to be said. Spoken out loud, yet not fully comprehended. Only nights of endless anguish could weave a strong enough fabric for which the harsh reality could not be written off as just a brutal nightmare.

When our world shattered into a million different pieces, I just sat there frozen. This could not be happening, no way was this happening, why was this happening to us? I was screaming these things in my mind. Over and over again, I replayed Doctor Levitt’s words, and when I finally understood them, when the words finally sunk in, that’s when it all fell down.

Wow, now I want to read this book! This might just be my next read!
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