The Writer’s Voice: The author of Her Wattpader Soulmate

It’s yet another segment of The Writer’s Voice here at The E-book Review, and with us in this segment is Wattpad author Sue Rose Levy.

My pen name on Wattpad is Sue Rose Levy, username eliyeda. I’ve been active on Wattpad from December 2018. Still, it wasn’t until mid-January of this year that I started sharing my writing on the platform. I’m currently a stay at home mom, with lots of time and imagination to write about people I wish I could meet in real life and tell their stories.

Her Wattpadder Soulmate is the life story of the famous singer, Noah Torres, and all the hardships and heartaches he goes through in life. It is told in first-person point of view, in Noah’s Perspective. This book is, in fact, the sequel that acts as a prequel to the story Wattpad Letters. In Wattpad Letters, the male love interest of the main character known by his pen name on Wattpad, Shaun gets to have his account as to how he became the man he is in Wattpad Letters. However, even though the story works as a prequel to Wattpad Letters, I always suggest the readers read Wattpad Letters first. Her Wattpadder Soulmate will give out spoilers, and the protagonist, Noah/Shaun, is a non-reliable narrator.

How long did it take you to write Her Wattpader Soulmate?

It took me three months of regular updating to write the entire book. It has 42 chapters, including the epilogue, with over 110K total word count. It was a huge challenge, but I set myself the goal of finishing his story before December 31st, 2019, and I hit Completed Dec. 30th, 2019.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Well, if I understand the question correctly, I would say my writing quirk is that I have to listen to music while I write. And it can’t be any music, it has to be a song(s) that goes with the feelings I want to evoke in the chapter. Every chapter title in Her Wattpadder Soulmate is the name of a song I believe captures the feels of the section, and I also recommend it as the chapter song. It is the song I used to let out the right kind of emotions to express what the character is going through. Almost as if telling a story within the story with lyrics.

Is this your favorite book that you’ve written?

It is, and it is not. It is because this book was an incredibly hard challenge that I took upon myself and accomplished, so I’m proud. First, it is entirely written in a male Point Of View, and second, his English is British English, which makes the writing different from my American English. Furthermore, Noah is a kind-hearted character with many obstacles to face, which, after hitting rock bottom, does overcome his dark past and demons. This makes him one of the strongest characters I’ve ever written, and for that reason, one dear to my heart. Yet, I also disliked writing this book because it touches so many mature themes. Noah goes through such a dark state, that writing about those dark emotions or those difficult circumstances in which he finds himself in, was hard for me to address. It took so much of an internal struggle that at one point I ended up with panic attacks and had to take a break from writing the book. But, the ending was worth the struggle because he got the ending he deserved, and that makes this book worth writing it.

Do you hear from your readers much?

Oh, yes! Most of the readers reading Her Wattpadder Soulmate came from Wattpad Letters, so they are already familiar with my boy. And because the story is so controversial in many things, they are very open to sharing what they feel with me. Plus, they have a lot to think and analyze, and they share it with me either through comments or private messages. The book has an amazing total of 2.5k comments so far, which is crazy considering the book has barely over 1.6k reads. Here is a bit of a recent Private Message that I got from a reader:

I don’t have enough words to express myself… I haven’t read a book so real and original.. As a reader I feel like I can relate with the characters… makes me know that no matter what the situation is, there’s no need in giving up just yet… there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and if it isn’t good yet it means it’s not the end yet…

So far, regardless of the hard topics touched in the book, it seems the message is getting through, and I’ve gotten much positive feedback.

What do you think makes a good story? And does Her Wattpader Soulmate meet your criteria?

A good story for me is one that can evoke emotions and makes you wish those characters were real. A story that leaves you wanting more, to know more, and you become emotional when you read “the end.” A plot with characters that stay with you in your mind days after you’ve finished reading it, and after a while, if you re-read it, it still gives you the feels of the first time. I don’t know if Her Wattpadder Soulmate is there. But it is what I aimed for when I wrote it.

Would you advise the visitors of Thee-bookreview to take the 2020 reading challenge and read Her Wattpader Soulmate?

If they are not easily triggered by mature themes, then yes! It’s always great to start the year knowing that no matter how dark the road may seem, the darker the road, the brighter the stars will shine. Hope is a star shining down on us always.

You heard it folks, have you taken the challenge? How many books have you read if you have? Have any favorites?

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