Writing, a process: Marketing

Congratulations, you wrote a book, you’re an author, but… no one is picking up your book, not because it’s bad or anything, it might be better than what’s on most bookshelves, no one just knows about it yet.

And I am not going to advise you to hand one book out to everyone on the street. How many streets can you cover in that pace anyway? Not to mention you’ll be making more of a loss than a gain.

Marketing is the secret behind most book sales, are you recently self published? Want to get your name out there? You’re going to have to put in the work, burn the midnight oil staying relevant.

Marketing is as important as writing. As a writer, particularly one engaging in the bitter sweet art of self-publishing, which can be as rewarding as it is degrading and draining, marketing is the key to success, aside from having a good book.

Marketing for authors can be through investing in paid Ads, running your content to a wider audience, this content could be book teasers cover releases, you get the gist. Please keep in mind, this is not a one off attempt, regular content promotion boosts sales. Organizing regular book signings, participate in interviews and reviews, try to get a movie or TV series deal, join writing communities. This process is as simple as it is difficult. It requires a ton of work, and a pattern, a strategy, providing your social media audience with regular behind the scenes content of the writing process as well as the finished product can as well boost book sales. The goal is to stay relevant, and however long that takes is merely a sacrifice.

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