The Writer’s Voice: Desiderium author

Welcome to another segment of the Writer’s voice, the one blog series that brings you that much closer to our featured authors. And with us, is the Wattpad author known for his mystery novel Desiderium.

Hello, I’m MaskedParkers and I like to write macabre mysteries for New Adults. Desiderium follows one man’s journey through multiple lives in order to save a woman he’s seen die over and over. It’s ultimately a horror story, but also delves into the thriller and fantasy genres.

Not only is the writing style a thrilling experience on its own, but it’s a book that delves into multiple genres. Fascinating. Do you try more to be original in your writing, or to deliver to readers what they want?

I try to be more original and create what I want to create. I know the genres I write in are niche, but I believe there is an audience out there for them.

And there will always be an audience for whatever any new author writes. My next question is, how old were you when you started writing? And is there anything you learned from writing that book?

I started seriously writing when I was 17. It was a Walking Dead fanfic, and it’s still on Wattpad because I don’t have the heart to take it down. It’s what made me fall in love with writing and what made me realize I have something to share with the world.

I have to commend your courage, I actually deleted my first Wattpad book, never had it in me to keep it up there. Anyway, onto our next question, what drew you to the subject matter of Desiderium? From what I’ve read it’s a dark compelling romance, is there a personal connection between your life and this book?

So I had recently gotten into the slasher genre when the wild idea came to me. “Why isn’t there a plague doctor slasher?” I knew then I had to write a story about one. It took multiple tries, but I couldn’t give up. The idea wouldn’t leave me. As for a personal connection, I had also been watching some anime- Rezero and Steins Gate- that dealt with trying to save a person but failing over and over. I thought that it would be such a unique idea to have a slasher actually try to save the final girl instead of trying to kill her.

Very creative idea, telling the story no one thought to tell. Let’s talk about the title, it’s unique, is there a story behind that? What does it mean and how did you come up with it?

Yeah, there actually is a story behind it! I noticed on Wattpad a lot of stories had these vague, obscure words as their titles. I thought they might be on to something since they were pretty popular. I looked up some obscure words, specifically feelings, on Google and settled on this title because of its meaning. It means a feeling of loss or to grieve for something lost. When you read the story, it fits perfectly!

I think you might be onto something. But before we close, would you advise the visitors of Thee-bookreview to take the 2020 reading challenge and read Desiderium?

I would definitely recommend they take the book challenge and read Desiderium. It’s not a long read at all, and it’ll have them not wanting to stop reading.

Straight from the author himself why not take the challenge? Hit the 2020 reading challenge page on the E-book review and see just how many amazing books you can complete before the year runs out.

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