Story Ideas: Weepy Voice

Beginning this post, I would like to thank everyone who stuck with the E-bookReview despite my absence. It’s been difficult trying to find just the right content, but I’m feeling really positive with this new series, story ideas.

Writing is a means of self-expression, it’s telling a story, everyone has a story, and not knowing what exactly that story is can be difficult, frustrating and even scary.

Since I write romantic suspense, I will be providing intriguing plots available for domestic or commercial uses which I hope will give you that little push to get you writing.

Without further delay; Weepy Voice, a plot inspired by the Weepy voiced killer in the 80’s.

It begins with a call, an address and an apology. The phone is left at the scene burned. The victim is alive, but too heavily beaten to recall anything. The case goes cold with no new leads.

Months later, in a second city, a body is reported, there’s no address, but there’s an apology. Once more the phone is burned at the scene. This continues until Detective Character decides to put two and two together and begins retracing the steps of the first victim and the second.

It is uncovered that the suspect had been targeting women new to his city of operation.

Since this is a mere prompt, it can be fleshed out to your own comfort, want to add a dash of romance? Fantasy? It’s open to your tweaking, please tell me if you enjoyed this, and I look forward to seeing your works, if you can link them down in the comments, I would love to be your first fan, reader.

Thanks so much for your time, and please follow the blog, like the post if you enjoyed it and stay beautiful.

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