2 Smart ways to Describe like a pro

The sleepy months of summer are withering away and you want to get back to writing, but then you suddenly feel insecure. You don’t feel like your writing is drawing the attention of your readers. Or maybe you have a stand as an author known for your way with words, but you’ve hit a dead end.

Well I’m here to provide two simple tips to get you out of your rut and describing with ease.

  • The first thing you need to know as a writer is that Sensational description goes a long way. To me, building a scene to the best of my abilities would have to involve describing with use of each sensory organ; sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. Implementing this through the use of similes, metaphors or even paradox’s creates a sense of imagery that I have seen goes a long way with a reader.

Take for instance you want to describe a character whose just lost her job, I as a writer like to start by describing sights first… I don’t even know why, I’m weird like that I guess… anyway

Sight: Her eyes burned, rimmed with tears withheld, the man standing square before her had a smug smile worn broad in the Brooklyn night, I told you, you won’t last in this business the smile said. Sound: Then she heard it, the approaching clinch of leather on marble, she’d always hated that sound, but oddly enough, associated it with the calm pressure of the office. Smell: The man who’d stopped by her cubicle door reeked of tobacco, one of the companies most punctual smokers. Taste: She couldn’t deny she’d been tempted to join in the warmth of smoking on a winter morning cooped up in the office, so much that she had tried, she mentally winced at the bitter taste it had left lingering on her tongue. Touch: A sharp pain shot through her wrist as Bill, the company smoker and on cue security grabbed her by the wrist squeezing too tightly for her comfort...

  • Secondly, emotions are your best friend as an author. Much like an actor, you need to be able to convey emotions to your audience on cue. To describe this is pretty easy once you’re got the hang of things. I’ve learned that simply remembering a past experience and penning it down does the trick quite nicely. It doesn’t have to be an experience that directly relates to your character’s situation, but one vaguely similar should help.

Take for instance you want to describe a character at her happiness moments, implementing the sensations from a recent burst of excitement you the author have experienced, should get the juices flowing. Taking from a memory of how I felt when I’d lost a really sentimental watch…

She hadn’t expected it. A bag of money, or even a car, dawdled at the back of her mind, not that she was going to let her new husband know just yet how materialistic she was, she didn’t think she could handle another man running off on her before the third week mark. But he was different, from the other men, he’d listened. Her heart beamed like a thousand suns, even at that, it couldn’t compare to her hundred watt smile, a smile she knew would leave her face feeling tight and strained later on, but who really cared because stood before her, in a too big forest green dress was her mother, the woman who’d been kidnapped all those months ago…

Did you enjoy the post? Have questions? Want your description featured on The E-book Review’s new Description Friday?

Head to the Contact Page, Email your description on either of the following topics;

  • Fear
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness

Entries should not be more than 300 words, deadline, Friday 5th September 2019.

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