The Bad Boy I was Dating: Experience To Writing

As a writer, we long to create realistic yet swoon worthy characters to sweep the reader off their feet and have their fingers itching to turn the page.

What better way to create a realistic character that building one from past relationships, building on your last boyfriend or best friend.

Writing requires an ever increasing level of realism for the reader to want to flip the next page until they’re met with the all to familiar and gut wrenching end.

If for instance you were lucky enough to date a person that inspires your character, don’t be afraid to build on them.

I think one thing I’m regularly asked as a writer is how I’m able to create realistic scenarios in my book, I simply tend to relate the feelings I’ve experienced to the scenarios I’m writing.

It’s often tricky to do this without giving away too much information but keep in mind, experience is how you grow as an author.

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