E-Book Review: The Night Made This Decision

The fist book since Adele Griffin’s Loud Awake and Lost that had me laying awake till dawn, flipping page after page and lying to myself that this is the last chapter I’ll read.

From the first page of this book I was hooked. Not only is this book a well written quick read, it’s a book everyone can get around to falling in love with.

Beginning with the sobbing of a new inmate, seventy-year-old Richard Lawrence–An inmate on death row– is in a cell across from Jimmy and can hear as clear as day the new inmates crying.

Richard doesn’t believe he’s going to get released, so he doesn’t bother trying to, not after he’d plead guilty for the murder of four women. But he does receive letters, his only form of outside contact and he’s okay with it.

It isn’t until new evidence surfaces about his case and he is exonerated of the charges and released into the world that he gets a ride from a man miles away from the prison yard, a ride that lands him in the hospital. He is soon released and returns to his home in Florida and begins living with his at the time best friend George. It is through George’s attempt to welcome him into the modern era that he learns of his son, a child he never knew he had.

The e-book author doesn’t fail to provide the reader with literary pleasures as well as keeping to the fast paced plot. As a writer myself it is hard to find books up to my standard, but this author surpassed it.

I am looking forward to checking out more of her books and keeping up to date with her progress as an author.

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