WordPress: How to create ‘your’ blog

Unlike what I normally blog about, this was a special request that I decided to work on. Since I’m still new to WordPress, the setting and format is still new to me and i’m learning everyday, as seen by the fact that this blog is continuously changing with new themes and details constantly added.

Today, I’ll be dishing how I turned a completely free WordPress blog theme into a fully functional home for e-books, writers and readers.

Obviously a purpose and plan is needed to begin a blog, but I wouldn’t bore you with what you already know. We’re jumping right into the fun bits.

From the above image, the Gazette theme is another I would personally use.

Making use of WordPress themes might be tricky, but easy as pie once you get the hang of it!

Quick tip, read each detail about a theme, look out for artistic details to draw in your audience. To me, these include;

1. The Site Logo

2. The Featured content or featured image function

3. Post Formats

These help add character to your blog. As for using them, it’s pretty simple once you deviate into the Custumize tool of your WordPress site. And have fun, it’s the only way you’re going to create something that’s all about ‘you’ and what you represent as a blogger.

It might not represent the format displayed in the pictures initially, but once you keep posting and tagging and categorizing your posts accordingly, everything automatically falls into place.

Have any specific questions? Something you want to see? Leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “WordPress: How to create ‘your’ blog

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