Goals: How they saved my writing career

Writing is a dark abyss. It’s telling the story you believe means something to you, and at times it can be difficult to see the nearly blurry end of the tunnel. But what if I told you there was a way to see the end as clearly as the words on your page?

Now you’re probably wondering what the actual hell is she yapping about now?

Well, I’ll tell you. I’m talking about goal setting.

Today, we’re talking about Fiction Writing Goals and how they saved my career as a freelance novelist.

Word-count. What does this mean to you? The amount of words on your page, the total word count of your book? Yes, but it’s also your goal. Keeping in mind that you want to write 300 words a day, at a particular time and I can not emphasize this enough- even if it is complete and utter crap-really works. It just takes discipline.

Ahh, discipline, that pang of guilt that tugs you to your pad and pen and drives you to write. It’s the easiest thing to overlook and the hardest thing to listen to.

Now you’re wondering how you’re going to pull this off in the middle of a busy schedule? It’s possible, but might take a strain on you as a person. I personally have a 9-5 summer and winter day job/ college classes every other month, I’m a romantic suspense author and daily blogger. If I can balance everything, so can you. It’s not that hard really, it just requires doing a little of it in between your priorities. You have to go work early? Write on the toilet, have to pick the kids from soccer practice? Blog a little while they’re gathering their things.

Writing isn’t about knowing the craft and producing the best piece of literary fiction each time you settle down to write. No, it’s a learning process that requires constant effort. So don’t be too discouraged if you think what you did on the toilet stinks.

Goal setting helps you visualize what you want to achieve. Take for instance you want to reach a thousand words on that short story you were writing. Set a goal, maybe a daily reminder, write 300 words before sunset today to reach 1000 by the end of the week. This little reminder can get you through your week of writing. And don’t feel bad if you miss a day, remember, you’re human and no one’s perfect. These are your goals and you can always tweak them to suit you.

Always remember slow and steady wins the race, this is still your book you’re writing. You can finish it at any point in time. The control is in your hands.

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