The Writers Voice: The author of ‘Delicately’ Speaks up

Welcome to The Ebook Review Livkuile, I am happy to have you here, and I’m sure my viewers are too. You’re known as Okutlo Angel Leepile in real life? What inspired the username LivKuile on Wattpad? it’s unique, definately nothing like what I’ve ever seen before.

Hi! I love football(soccer) and my favorite football team is Liverpool F.C hence I took Liv to form the first three letters of my name. The ku is extracted from my first name- O[ku]tlo and the ile which finishes it off is extracted from my Surname- Leep[ile]. And I mashed that all together to for Liv-ku-ile my pen name. That’s the whole story behind the name. I wanted to try and make sure it was unique and all this brought it together

That’s so womderful to hear, it’s great to find someone thinking outside the box. And not to fangirl, but I love Liverpool too! It’s nice to meet a soccer fan! We should talk soccer offline sometime.

Not to veer of topic, we were talking about you as a writer. When did you first realize you wanted to be a this person, this writer?

I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was still in primary school. I started writing short stories when I was ten years old. Reading always seemed to take me to a new different world so I decided why not try and create my ideal world through writing. Writing and reading for me has always been a therapeutic process that gives me a fresh perspective and purpose in life.

Writers should learn from you and see their work as therapeutic! I surely am learning a lot from you. Your book is Delicately on Wattpad, can you tell the viewers about the poetry e-book with over 2k readers actively engaging in it?

I started Delicately in Mid April 2019 and within a month I already had 1k reads. I was pleasantly surprised, to be honest, I never expected it to get so many reads in such a short time. I chose the title “Delicately” Because I always try to make sure that everything I write is carefully written. I wanted my poetry to seem to be as Delicate as a rose petal yet beautiful nonetheless. I specialize strictly on prose poetry, I feel like it gives me more liberty to freely express myself without being too worried about the structure and poetic format. Prose poetry helps me express myself to the fullest and although I adore all types of poetry I believe I am only truly gifted in writing prose poetry. { I’m also a bit terrible at rhyming so it makes writing other forms of poetry a bit hard}

I think you should stick to prose poetry and grow that brand. LivKuile the Wattpad Prose-poetry author. That sounds like a personal and unique brand to me. How long does it take you to write a chapter of your ‘Delicately’? I have dabbled in poetry over the years and it’s been difficult, your book makes it seem easy, how do you do it?

How long I take to write a poem is very unpredictable. It hugely depends on how inspired I am. If I’m not too inspired I just jot down an idea and leave it for another day. If am brimming with inspiration I can take about 30 minutes to write a poem or even less.

What is your schedule like when you’re writing? Is your book something you have to fit into a busy schedule?

I don’t have a strict schedule for my poetry updates. I just write whenever I have inspiration, a month never goes by without me writing though.. I try to keep the quill close to my heart…

You write like a poet and speak like one, your art has really become a part of you. But what does your family think of your writing? That’s assuming you’ve told them, there are many Wattpad writers who keep their careers a secret and that’s okay too. Have you told them?

My family is so supportive of my writing, especially my mom. She’s always the first to read and vote on my poems She joined Wattpad specifically to read my work. She is a bit of a writer too so she enjoys seeing me write. My dad is just happy I’m doing something I love.

Simply Beautiful. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I have learned to embrace all of my work as a writer. Of course, sometimes some of my poems are not as spectacular as the others but I’ve learned to embrace both the stones and the pearls. This has helped me to appreciate all my work and to eventually polish my stones into diamonds.

I think my viewers are taking a lot with them from this post. Speasking of viewers, do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I do have a few readers who frequently comment but not many to be honest. The ones who do comment usually commend my imagery or just tell me they enjoyed reading my poem. I do hope to read more comments in the future though!

What is your biggest goal as a writer?

My biggest goal is to be published in paperback. That is one of my lifelong dreams. I would like to make a name for myself as a writer and for people to relate to my work.

The dream of paperback, I think Wattpad is really bringing writers closer to its’ reality. What is one feature of your book that draws in new readers? Because I assume after this viewers of the E-book Review will be tempted to find your book in The E-book Review library.

I guess one of the most appealing things in my poetry is the imagery and similes I use when writing. I’d also like to think that my aesthetics are nice enough though I am looking to improve in that area.

I guess this concludes this weeks segment of The Writer’s Voice. We really appreciated your presence LivKuile and we hope to see you again for another interview.

Thank you so much for interviewing me!!

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