The Writers Voice: ‘I write to fulfill my unfulfilled desires’

Good morning and welcome to The Ebook Review, the blog that hopes to empower new e-book writers and to recruit aspiring authors. Your name is Tina, but you’re known as what on Wattpad?

I am known as Athela Perk, But yes, my name is Tina.

Well you’re always welcome to The E-book Review Tina. You’re a Writer, can you tell the viewers of The E-book Review how many E-books you’ve authored?

I have written one book, which is published on Wattpad and many short stories and poems.

It’s wonderful to meet someone who has taken their passion for fiction to the level of drafting an E-book and numerous short stories and poems. But this knowledge brings me to my next question. Why do you write? We at the E-book Review are looking for that moment you realized ‘I want to create my own work’.

I write to fulfill my unfulfilled desires. Like if I am writing an adventure scene, I imagine myself at their position, enjoying whatever the characters are doing. My passion for adventure drove me to write.

Writers like you see the magic in their works. But I’m assuming as a writer you don’t only read your books, but other peoples books too. We want to know what book drove your transition from a reader to a writer.

The first book of my like was Sherlock Holmes. I think this book inspired me to be a writer. I like the suspense, the emotion in the book. I related myself with the characters, which inspired me to be a detective. But I know it is almost impossible. So, I created my own detective story, where I was the detective.

When you’re writing, do you try to be more original in your book? Or do you give the readers what they want?

I want to be original as well as deliver the readers what they like. I can change any scenes from my original creation if the readers want something else.

Growth in Originality, that’s good. It shows that you’re great at listening to your audience. Speaking of your audience, do you believe a person could be a writer if they are unable to feel emotions strongly?

I think it is necessary to feel the emotions to be a good writer. Otherwise, the story will be like a skeleton.

Are you friends with other authors? Who are they, and have they helped your writing career?

I am pretty new as a writer. So, I do not have any friends now. But I am interested in making friends. But I want to thank my school friends for motivating me.

That’s sweet and I hope they are able to stumble upon this post and see what their friend has to say. But now I’m curious, what is your stance between the Series or the Stand alone novel?

I like stand-alone books rather than a series. As you cannot alter some elements in a series book. Readers like fresh content more.

Let’s talk about your book on Wattpad, how popular is it?

I am not that popular till now. But my story rating is high on the what’s hot list. So, I think it can be popular.

Not popular and you’re on the hot list, that’s being humble. Before we close this segment of The Writer’s Voice, let’s talk about your spirit animal as a writer.

As a writer, I will choose crow as my spirit animal as they are very talented creatures.

Thanks so much for showing up Tina, The E-book Review was pleased to have you and we hope you can make more appearances.

Thank you.

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