Book Lab: To New York’s Attorney Chapter one

Lawrence Harrington was dead and Manhattan knew this. Newspapers would have the headlines by morning; reporters and writers and photographers were at the scene barking questions at anyone behind the police tapes, each eager to cover the story as it unfolded. Pedestrians with busy fingers tweeted and posted. Rumors surged like wildfires.

To New York’s Attorney ( Chapter One)

I am more than excited to discuss my novel on The E-book Review. In this attempt to take my viewers behind the scenes of my writing and my book, I am hoping to generate a bond with my readers that’s a little more than just the writer-reader relationship.

This first chapter, the start was inspired by an idea I’ve nursed for several years. Lawrence Harrington was an author, a well known one who was found dead in his office, and his story covers the headlines, but his death doesn’t just shatter the internet, but the life of his son a lawyer whose father is continuously suspected to have orchestrated the murder. Lawrence is the father of Detective Barron Harrington. Barron isn’t finding it easy handling his father’s case, especially since the evidence brings him back to Terrence Gresham, a friend of the deceased and father of lawyer Christina Gresham.

Sincerely, this book is my attempt to bring more careers to the Wattpad community since it has continuously bothered me that the only career on Wattpad for characters is business or business related. In this book series I hope to create realistic passionate characters with diverse careers.

Another writing secret about this chapter would be the revisions. Before hitting the online publish button and making this chapter public, I had actually revised the chapter over 100 times. Sounds crazy? Try doing that after work every night with saggy eyes… You could say I’ve taken my addiction to writing to a new level or I just really want to get published.

My biggest fear about this chapter is getting sued. I’ve done a ton of research about brands for this chapter and featured more than I can count. I have no idea what their stance is on having their content featured.

I am excited to admit this chapter alone since being published on Wattpad has generated 365 views, 143 votes and 295 comments. My secret? I engage in read-for-reads. And many writers on Wattpad do too. Its a way to get your story out there and find your next favorite book. I guess I’m not ashamed to get involved in that way, to get down and dirty, but that’s not all I’ve done, I engage in the Wattpad Community forums as well and it has paid off.

I hope this chapter is able to reach a wide array of readers interested in my content, reviewers willing to provide feedback and publishers willing to give my work the chance it deserves.

Give the book a try, drop a comment, are you on wattpad? How long have you been there?

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