E-Book Review: Hades

As a reader, three elements drew me into this Greek Mythology novel. The first would be the cover, the second being the amount of readers engaging in the book-I mean this is a book with 39.7k readers sticking up to date with the serially updated e-book- and the third element that had me hooked would be the blurb. Hades to me is an out of the box Young Adult Greek Mythology novel written by Dani, known on Wattpad as her username WRITERSBIOCC.

She has agreed to make an appearance in this post and answer a few questions, she hopes to have more people engaging with her story in the near future.

Welcome to the E-book Review, Dani, we’re excited to have a popular author on here.

Hello, Nenny, thank you so much for the opportunity!

Well the viewers on The E-book Review are anxious to hear from you and about your insanely popular e-book. Let’s get started.

I am very excited about being featured at your blog! I had a chance to take a look at it, and I loved it! I actually go by the pen name Dani on Wattpad, but my real name is Dina Mahdi, a slight play with the letters!

In three sentences, what is Hades about?

Hades is a young adult romance that chases the life of a 19 year old woman named Aurora upon meeting the god of the underworld.

In a world where gods and goddesses walk among humans, Aurora is one of the oblivious ones.

The book Hades intertwines these two worlds, all starting the ever so curious Aurora and the devilishly handsome Hades.

What inspired you to write Hades?

Believe it or not, I started writing Hades in 2016. Growing up with books and being a writer as a child, Greek Mythology was one of my interests and I decided to give a go at it myself!

What’s your best experience since you started writing Hades?

My experience with Hades has been life changing overall. If I were to name my best, it would be the day I caught myself thinking in perspective of one of my characters. It made me realize how much the book meant to me, and I hope that one day when I finish writing it I will publish it!

Do you have any regrets?

My only regret so far is not updating often enough! I get caught up with college work at times, and live up to my username, writers block!

As an E-book Hades has how many reads a week?

Looking into the statistics side of my book that Wattpad offers, I’d say I gain around two thousand reads during the weeks that I update a chapter. After that, it’s a very slow but steady increase until I update again.

Wattpad has helped in growing Hade’s fanbase?

Since I started writing Hades on Wattpad, this is the only database I have posted it on. For me, it is the easiest and smoothest writing platform I have come across so far, and the writing opportunities is definitely attractive. In other words, it has definitely grown the fanbase!

Well for my readers who are still on the fence deliberating joining the 39.7k other fans reading Hades, what can Hades offer to new readers?

Hades offers a look into real-life friendship complications, hence there being gods and goddesses involved. The romance and drama isn’t just between the main two characters, and you get to see relationships unfold and mend themselves constantly. With my recent format of third point of view writing, I get to write more detailed descriptions of what’s going on in everyone’s heads!. . .

Please list 3 of your best Hades Quotes and why?

“It flinched in fear as the dark lord grinned wickedly. With a quick snap of its neck, a low wave of terror spread throughout the demons. After all, he could do as he pleased, for he was the ruler of the underworld. He was Hades.”

The prologue is definitely one of my favorite pages I have written so far, and this is only a small portion of it. I deemed it as one of my best quotes because so far throughout these 18 first chapters, this is the only true glimpse I give my readers at Hades’ true persona. A foreshadow into the unraveling of his personality if you will.

Hades | Prologue

“”OKAY, okay! Just please, no more whining! Zeus, brother, fellow god, I sure do hope no one heard you begging. Oh how embarrassing would that be!”

Zeus hollered in protest and his brother simply stopped listening.

Hades delicately twirled the crisp flower. He did not really mean that, for he hoped that one day the people of Olympus would grow brains and see what a child Zeus was.

Oh, poor Zeus.”

This is another one of my best quotes from Hades because it strongly depicts the brotherly yet slightly hostile relationship between Hades and Zeus. Once again, this is just a short sneak peek!

Hades | Chapter Two

“”So, tell me, Aurora.” I froze at the sound of my name rolling off his tongue. “Why would a pretty little girl like you climb into a stranger’s car?” He mused, raising an eyebrow.

When did I tell him my name?

I stared at him, opening and closing my mouth as I tried to find an answer to a question I didn’t know the answer to.

He hummed, pretending like he was thinking, drumming his fingertips on the steering wheel.

“Pretty dangerous if you asked me.”

He suddenly swerved the wheel too sharply, making a reckless left turn and I was thrown into the door.

“Shit.” he cursed under his breath. “Sorry, I’m a little rusty.” he forced a nervous laugh.”

This last scene was really hard for me to pick, seeing as a lot of events that unfolded in chapter 8 were very important to the plot, especially the dialogue and the reactions of the characters. It is one of the best quotes in Hades because of the irony of the situation.

Hades | Chapter Eight

Do you have a message for new viewers?

Yes! My message to the new incoming readers would be keep an open mind! Inside the chaos of the characters’ minds and actions, there is meaning! Also, please stay patient with me! I have a lot planned for Hades and will be updating more often now that I’m on a college break. Thank you to everyone in advance who votes and comments, it truly inspires me to write!

Once again, it was so nice to have you featured Dani.

Did you enjoy the interview? Do you want to see more posts like this? Was there something else you wanted to see? Do you have questions for Dani? Leave a comment, she’ll get to it as soon as she can, and if you’re an e-book author, we can talk about future collaborations! Leave a vote as well if you enjoyed the post.

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