Exclusive: The secrets they never tell you about writing!

We’re used to talking about writing, how to write, how to become a successful writer… and such.

But what about the secrets they don’t tell you? The dark aspects of writing that could send you shuddering in the corner?

I’m here to dish it all.

Let’s start with the cost of just writing a book.

If you thought writing a bestseller entailed just writing the book, you’re in for a big surprise as writing the book is just the pretty beginning.

Let’s assume you’ve drafted your novel, what’s next? Proofreading? According to an article on Quora, proofreading is estimated at $40 per hour, this works out to $0.02 to $0.03 per word. And that’s excluding the cost of editing, which according to the EFA, basic copyediting of 5–10 pages per hour is estimated at a cost of $30–$40 per hour.

Still want to write?

Then let’s talk about the cycle of rejection you’re going to undergo before you finally earn that publishing deal and it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Since I started writing four years ago, I’ve contacted thousands of national and international publishers, entered more writing contests than I can count and I’ve learned from them. But here’s what they don’t tell you, most publishers aren’t nice enough to tell you what’s wrong with your manuscript! So be ready to send your manuscript into a black abyss of no reply. They’ll make you sweat for that deal, and if you really want to see your book in bookstores, my best advice is to love the process, love the rejection, grow from it and consider it as an opportunity.

In my perspective, every rejection meant the publishers read my work thoroughly enough to reject it and that was an achievement for me. Having multiple publishers reading my manuscript even if they don’t publish it, they read it and that made me love sending manuscripts to them over and over.

And let’s not forget about marketing which is a joke if you’re planning on freelancing it without any form of prior training. There are more algorithms to learn than you’ll believe, because each platform has it’s own algorithm and aiming to succeed on each platform is going to require understanding the algorithm of each platform.

Want to become a New York Times Bestseller? A National Bestseller? There’s an algorithm for that too. Want to get over a thousand likes and comments on your book posts on Instagram? Want to attract the attention of literary agents on Twitter? Learn the algorithm, or aim for a publishing deal. It all boils down to spending an estimate of $5,000 according to Reedsy, or burying any atom of impatience and self-doubt and sending manuscript after manuscript to publishers who may never reply you, but hang in there, there is always the chance that 1 out of 1,000 publishers will pick up your book and publish it.

Did you find this article helpful? Entertaining?

Have you tried sending your manuscript to a publisher? Did they reply? Is there something you want to see featured?

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