Writing Resources

Get your colorful notepads and pens, highlighters, laptops and headphones, cause we’re talking Writing Resources! I’m going to be dishing out juicy sites and apps to kick-start your writing career!

I know since this blog began, we’ve been talking sites and apps for reading and writing. Well, today is going to be different oh, so different.

Since it has caught my attention that this post is going to be extremely long, even for my attention span, it’ll be a two part post. Welcome to part one! Look out for part two on my blog!

You want to write, I know you, do, you have a story to tell, but don’t know how to tell it, how to start.

That’s okay, it’s perfectly normal, it just means, you’re in-touch with your inner writer.

I deal with this, I have written over four full-length novels, and I still with this, with every new chapter, every new beginning.

So, let’s talk resources to get you writing!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, this is a long, list.

Writing Resources (Part I)

  • Descriptionari: How can I even begin to describe this site? It’s one of my most used sites for fictional writing, with over 14k quotes, descriptions and writing prompts divided into over 2k themes. Looking for how to get started with the first word? Click the link! there’s always something new to suit your writing style.
  • Google Maps: This one is pretty self-explanatory. How do you use google maps as a writer? Detail. You love reading published novels, but in your writing, it doesn’t have that… extra finess you seek in the print novel you have staked in your shelf. Well, google map gives you a glimpse of whatever location you’re writing about, take a look from the satellite, roam the streets, what do you see? Write it down.
  • Names: Character names, one of the factors that can hinder you from penning down that story that’s been popping up the moment you’re about to sleep, or appearing when you’re by the sink, wrist deep in dishes, gazing at the kids running around the backyard. You want to tell your characters’ story, but you don’t have a name for this character and you have to start thinking; where online am I going to find a realistic name? Look no further- Ohbabynames.com has got you covered… just don’t let your husband or mother see this in your search history, they might get the wrong idea of things.
  • Pages: If you’re not a Macbook user, or you’re a Macbook user with an active Microsoft Word subscription, then you can skip ahead. If not, read on! Pages is a word processor for cheapskates like me who want to write a book, but are under eighteen and too broke to pay for a Microsoft Word subscription. But pages doesn’t have all the features of Microsoft Word? It can be close to the format of a Microsoft Word document, I will create another post for that, and you can look out for it in the near future. Pages is the way to go.
  • Wood: Okay, before you start thinking, oh, she’s lost it, she’s talking about wood now! Wait! hear me out, then you can debate whether or not I have lost it. Have you ever just wanted to write a scene like She leaned against the wooden door but it sounds, bland, boring. with this your scene could be she leaned against the Douglas Fir door. Doesn’t that sound realistic?
  • Brands: Since there is no single brand I can link to this topic, I linked google and I will provide examples of searches to fleshen out your book. Clothing Brands, shoe brands, bag brands, jewelry brands, makeup brands, alcohol brands, furniture brands, car brands… and many more

If you’ve managed to read to this extent, you deserve some accolades! Did you try out the links? Did they help? Is there something you use that you want to see featured in part two?

Drop a comment down below, I’m always ready to hear your suggestions! Let’s talk! Follow The E-book Review for instant access to Part two!

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