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The Best Reading and Writing Community.

Let’s just talk about how there are over 70 million regular users composed of readers and writers.

In the wise words of Wattpad themselves; Wattpad is the world’s largest social network of readers and writers, with 70M+ hyper-engaged monthly visitors. We use the power of community and technology to help brands and Hollywood unleash the full potential of stories to the world.

As the destination for original stories, Wattpad is home to millions of fresh voices who share culturally-relevant stories that reflect their world. Every day

Be honest, if you’re able to sniff out my blog, you’re either a reader possessed with the need to find your next great book, or a writer eager to share your voice, and that’s great. 

My four year experience with the reading and writing app has allowed me access to books for absolutely $0 written by people all over the world! It has helped me improve my craft as a writer and grow my brand!

You don’t need to know what you’re doing or what you’re looking for on Wattpad, half of the time, the books find you, and the readers find your book.

Anyone can be a writer on Wattpad and It’s really easy too, just have a story to tell and… tell it, it’s that simple. 

You can have millions of people fawning over your book, you can have millions of books piled up to read, Wattpad puts the ball in your court, you make all the decisions. Sign up, shoot me a follow, I could show you the ropes. You can wrap your fingers around Wattpad success!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Wattpad Success?

You read right! Wattpad provides its writers with access to publishing deals, movie or tv show adaptations, by collaborating with brands like Harper Coillins, Macmillan and even Simon & Schuster, as well as NBC, Netflix, Hulu, and even Paramount studios. 

Have you ever heard of Wattpad? Where did you hear about it? Are you a user? Drop a comment let’s chat, share your experience!

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